Summer is Waning!

Seriously? Already? (Photo by Jake Colvin from Pexels)

Hey! Where is the summer going?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the summer months fly by? It seems like just yesterday that summer began! Although technically we are still in the summer season, the back-to-school sales, the fall schedule filling up with events, and Labor Day sitting there on the calendar only 3 ½ weeks away,  bring thoughts of cooler days and nights (particularly after yet another hot summer), leaves turning those beautiful reds and yellows, and … the HOLIDAYS! (Agh…how many days till Christmas, I mean Halloween, I mean … oh, forget it! )

One thing that always seems to get neglected and ultimately abandoned, due to all the activities and distractions of the fall and early winter months, is our health and fitness goals and routines–not to be thought of again until the end of December when we start, with the best intentions, to compile yet another list of resolutions to work on.

One of my core beliefs is the importance of preparing yourself physically and mentally ahead of time for the changes a season brings, so that you can focus on your health and fitness goals without losing momentum.  

So, how about disrupting your usual pattern, and not waiting till New Year’s Day to make a new resolution? Who says you have to get rolling on the first day of January? How about getting a jump on the holidays and starting today? Making healthy choice and healthy activities a habit today, can carry you through the challenging weeks ahead when it is soooo easy to hoist up the white flag, and yell “Surrender!” Think of accumulating good habits today as girding yourself to battle for the defense of your health and fitness in the coming months.

Making YOU a priority right here and now, and recommitting to your fitness routines, will make it much easier to ease into the New Year after the holidays, parties, big meals and general over-indulgences that our best intentions can fall victim to. Staying active and consciously monitoring your dietary intake will help you handle the stressors that often come with the holidays. Remember, I’m not talking about seeking Spartan perfection, but about making simple choices to modify your behavior, bit by bit.  

Don’t put off your health and wellness until a later date, when you can start to take care of it now! Carpe diem, Baby!

Please share some of your holiday successes and slip-ups below, or if you’d prefer to keep the conversation private, just message or email me!

 with love and encouragement,


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